Me & Mrs CG fancy a few days at Les Arcs when the lifts are open in the summer. We've looked at a few accommodation options and found a few things between 50pp (studio) to 120 (chalet with swimming pool) sleeping from 6 to 11. We plan on driving down via the ferry to keep costs to a minimum.

I know Mr & Mrs SLB are interested, but does anyone else fancy a week of trail heaven (without having to pedal uphill!), no doubt constantly interrupted by fine wine? Lift passes are only 50 for a week.

Rob_A, if you don't join us I'll nack ya.
Gore, you need to come and sort out your lamb issues.
Green, go oooon...
Tango, the chances to stage some incredible crashes are boundless.
Q, no uphills, but I bet you'd love it anyhoo.

C'mon folks!