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Thread: In line seatpost

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    In line seatpost

    Good eve everyone,what difference would fitting an inline seatpost to my Prophet make?(if any)

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    Re: In line seatpost

    Depends if your current seatpost has any layback or not.
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    Re: In line seatpost

    Depends if your current seatpost has any layback or not.

    if it does have a layback then it'll give a less stretched out riding position, making you feel more up right. could give you more control, but may feel cramped, and less efficient.
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    Re: In line seatpost

    To get an idea what changing the seatpost will do you could first try sliding your saddle as forward, and then as far back on your existing seatpost as it will go during the course of a ride, and getting a feel for the differences these changes make.

    Personally I find a very forward saddle position improves climbing comfort, but reduces stability and control when seated on downhill sections.

    I quite like inline seatposts (and the resulting forward seating position), as long as the remaining ****pit length is enough to stop me feeling cramped. I figure I shouldn't be sat down once the trail points downwards anyway.

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    Re: In line seatpost

    Everyone needs to learn how to use the full length of their saddle for riding. On climbs, pull yourself forward on to the 'nose' of the saddle. Descending - go right to the back of the saddle, or over it. If, with those skills, the saddle is not 'right', then amend by getting a lay-back seat post.
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    Re: In line seatpost

    I have no idea why anyone actually site down on a descent unless it's a relaly flat section and you need to get some pedlling going.. even then I tend to stand and pump (fnar)...
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