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Thread: Cycleops training tips

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    Cycleops training tips

    I have just bought a Cycleops Mag Trainer to rebuild my muscles following recuperation from a broken ankle.

    I use it with my road bike but due to muscle wastage could only manage 10 minutes and could barely get higher than 4th gear! - Hopefully it will get easier!

    Does anyone have any training tips for using a Cycleops, or similar?
    Any tips to do with how much resistance I should set it on, what my aimed speed should be, etc would be much appreciated!


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    Re: Cycleops training tips

    Just keep at it. it takes time to recover and rebuild wasted muscles.
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    Re: Cycleops training tips

    Check out their website as lots of turbo's do come along with training routines.
    I use a Tacx and the website is brill with a monthly program as well as a large number of sessions to build stamina, power, sprinting, hill climbing etc etc.
    Here's a link, if you can alter the gear of the bike and the resistance of the machine there's nowt to stop you adopting these.

    Oh, and another tip is to record your distance, average speed and maximum speed for each session. That way you can guage how you're getting along.

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