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Thread: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

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    Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    Hi all, going to be buying some new flats for the Bike and totally unsure what to get. I'm willing to spend around 60 and currently have the stock Kona ones on. On my last bike i ran dmr v8's which i liked but just wondered if there were any other suggestions but defo not spd's cheers.
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    Grow some balls. Get some spuds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    DMR V12's. They are virtually industrctable I reckon. In fact I don't actually beleive they are manufactured on the planet Earth! They can't be or my ones would have broken by now.

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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    Can't go wrong with V12's but get them in a funky colour for a change, for that price you could quite a smart pair of lighter magnesium but they wont be quite as indestructable.

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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    First off I agree with Gore. But if you really don't want spuds then I'd als go with the V12s I reckon. I have a pair of V8s, that I've not used for years as I've now got used to spds (don't think I'll ever go back), which are fantastic, but if you can stretch the extra money the V12s are supposed to be much better.

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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    Im planning on buying some pedals too. I took a look on the net and in one of the threads some guy kept on going on about how "fantastic" these pedals are:
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    gusset slim jims for flats any day

    had v8's v12's etc. and love the slim jims and wont be going back

    ive wrecked my shins on the long pins- run long to grip enough, while the slim jims still grip well enough with the shorter pins that come with them
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    they look huge, i'd still prbably go with v12 if you are not looking to do real big stuff...

    j e james have some steel finish mags for ~43... welll they did have when i bought mine... that was only a couple of months ago.
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    I have wellgo Mg1's - cheap, light and so far so good!
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    Re: Flat pedals.. Which ones?

    V12 Mags with titanium spindles. Watch your pedal position when cornering!
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