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Thread: trek EX8

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    trek EX8

    Im looking for a good ful sus bike,does any one know if the new 08 Trek EX8 is any good.

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    Re: trek EX8

    I here that the new treks are AWESOME, at least thats what the guys in the TREK shop were saying!! then again they would say that wouldn't they.

    They also come highly recommended buy the guys in the usual magazines, and lets face it they do look pretty Awesome, especially in white!! they have been totally reworked for 08, if I was in the market for a new bike the new Fuel EX range would be high on my list.

    And the new Marin's and Scott genius MC range are pretty good bikes as well, a riding buddy of mine has a genius MC50 and I was really impressed with it, the pull type rear shock works brilliantly and it also looks pretty cool in white.
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    Re: trek EX8

    I have the cheaper option the Trek Fuel EX 5.5 08 and well im impressed the suspension both front and rear and well responsive i cant fault it.

    If i feel its that good for the cheaper one then the 8 and above will be mind blowing.

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    I have the EX8 2012, Its very very good, rides, brakes, weight, all superb, dont think you would need much more for most work in the UK

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