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Thread: Mojo no longer UK Fox dealer

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    Mojo no longer UK Fox dealer

    Interesting news but can we still send stuff back for servicing? Sounds like they won't even stock service items. All happended very quickly.

    They are selling all of their stock off at cost+VAT if anyone wants anything.
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    Oh rats! I like Mojo, they always did a very god job and were easy to talk to and very informative. I wonder who is going to pick up the slack? If Fox don't sort something out soon, it will be a deep betrayal of their customers. Fortunately for me, I don't have any Fox suspension at the moment.
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    TFTuned and LocoTuning both do Fox AFAIK?
    Maybe Fox(and others) are going to allow more designated service centres?
    There's a place in Sheffield who are Fox authorised(servicing) and look to be cheaper than Mojo/TFT
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