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Thread: Can you use a bash ring/chain device with 3 chain rings?

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    Can you use a bash ring/chain device with 3 chain rings?

    Can anyone help with a bash ring/chain device question please? I have a 2007 S Works Enduro, with XT 2008 all over it. I want to fit a bash ring and possibly chain device for the more extreme end of my riding, often in the lakes and in the French Alps, but retain the big ring, unless anyone would suggest otherwise? The chain does bounce a lot when I ride hard, hence my question.

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    Re: Can you use a bash ring/chain device with 3 chain rings?

    From what i gather the bash is in place of the big ring but not 100% on that! I have a Bash on my SX but it only has the two chain rings which is more than enough for me.

    As for the Chain device No idea? but I thought that you needed ISCG mounts on the frame to bolt it to! and I think there are two or more different ISCG standards to!

    Thats all the help i can give (not much use and what you probably already know, sorry)

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    Re: Can you use a bash ring/chain device with 3 chain rings?

    You can get those weedy plastic jobs that sit just between the large ring and the crank arm, normally found on cheaper bikes as a kind of chain protector (or are they more about stopping your jeans from getting caught in the chain?)

    As Proph says the burly ones are designed to go with 1 or 2 chainrings, check out e13's guide picker

    My suggestion would be to get a tough steel 3rd ring from someone like middleburn so that it's beefy enough to take some of the hits and you can alwayd bend it back with a hammer!

    As for the chain bouncing you've either got it too tight or too loose and I don't think you'll find a guide that will cope with the distances involved with 3 rings, but that ain't 100%.

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    Re: Can you use a bash ring/chain device with 3 chain rings?

    An MRP XCG could be the answer to your problems.
    It's designed to mount to the BB and sits below the big ring to absorb impacts like a E13 taco on a LG1 device.
    It also has an upper guide that sits under the front mech to stop the chain dropping off the inside, but there aren't any triple devices with rollers to stop excessive chain bounce.
    You could go with a E13 DRS and run a 24,36 ring combo, and if you feel you need it, you can offset the gear reduction by using a shorter crankarm.(some pro dh racers do this with 36t single setups for some tracks)
    It starts to get very expensive then though.

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