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Thread: Elbow Pad recommendations?

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    Elbow Pad recommendations?


    Given the state of my elbow (fractured and now operated upon), I am thinking that some elbow protection may be a wise investment.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a set of elbow pads? As I ride mainly XC and singletrack such as Swinley and local MOD land they should be lightweight, flexible and not too bulky


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    I've got some poc vpd ones they are pricey but fit the bill... Certainly very comfy.
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    100% recco for the 661 Evo D30 pads.
    They are flexible and they work (ie they go hard when they receive an impact) I've had hexagonal bruises on my forearm to prove it. I've fallen off a lot and not a single painful injury to my elbow and forearm since I started wearing them. They also reduce the transferred shock to your shoulder far better than a hard plastic elbow/forearm guard would, IMO. Until my skin starts to sweat a bit, they can move down my arm if I ride over a rough surface, which can be a bit of a nuisance if they are underneath my top. Once the sweat starts, they stay put.

    Mine are slim enough to go under my windproof top or my waterproof or my various jackets. They won't go under a long sleeved jersey, which is why I tend to wear short sleeved Tees.

    The outer material is Kevlar reinforced for abrasion resistance. The material in contact with your skin is soft and absorbent. They are comfy and they soak up sweat. I chuck mine in the washing m/c with my other kit after every ride. I have never removed the Evo material before washing. They dry very quickly.

    I've had mine nearly two years and they are starting to look a bit "used", but they are still 100% serviceable.
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    There's the 661 veggie if you just want some extra padding, but they might not take impacts so well. For a bit more I was going to suggest the d30 jiggery pokery, but I can't find them on CRC to link. And 70 for elbow pads you weren't lying when you said pricey, fred.

    I always found pads a bit restrictive, and use to fall off more when I do use them. But then my pads weren't the best then and new tech must have improved pads since....
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