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Thread: RockShox Reverb Sags While Riding

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    RockShox Reverb Sags While Riding

    I've done a quick search but couldn't find this answered elsewhere.

    I have a RockShox Reverb seatpost, about 6 months old, it has started to sag while i'm riding. Seems to drop about an inch without the button being pressed (could be more but i press the button to put it back up before it gets lower).

    I don't think i've put on too much weight in the last week!!

    Is this a warranty issue? Can i fix it easily myself?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    I hear its not the only thing of yours that sags whilst riding......
    But thats another story all together!!!

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    Possibly a leaky seal, or it may just need a bleed!!
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    Lay off the pork pies and lard sarnies for a month and you'll know if it's your weight or not.
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    I'd try a bleed and also check the air pressure in it. Think recommended is 250psi (printed either on the valve cap or near it -can't remember and can't be arsed to go look ) - but I find mine a bit reluctant to drop at that so run it nearer 200.

    After that it's service time. I do mine myself but you need to be very careful, you have to hold on a fragile part to undo the end cap! If in doubt, send it in to SRAM.

    All the Reverb techy vids and manuals are here - for your perusal.

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