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Thread: Head Cams

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    Head Cams

    Does anyone know of a good head cam that is light weight and can get upto 60 minutes of recording on.

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    Re: Head Cams

    My company this year is releasing a revolutionary new head cam. It is called VeeCam. It allows you to record up to 6 hours of digital footage, is light weight, waterproof to 50 meters and will blow the competition away. check out and register your interest.

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    Re: Head Cams

    we are currently testing and reviewing a camera kit from dogcamsports you can see some of the recent videos taken here most recently being night time riding around llandegla
    Also you can get a discount for anything bought through their site if you follow our link

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    Re: Head Cams

    I have an ATC 1000 from Oregon Scientific, It can record upto 1 hour of riding, but to be honest you never really record 1 hour continuous, that would be pretty Boring as the best stuff to record is the descents and there aint to many 1 hour descents in the UK, If you are riding somewhere with a 1 hour descent I suggest a better camera as this one isn't the best!
    There are a lot of better cameras on the market but they all req you to have a CAMcorder to plug them into where as the ATC 1000 is a stand alone helmet cam that fits either on your helmet or bike as it comes with a few different mounting plates/ clamps and straps and runs off 4x 1.5v 'AAA' batteries, it takes upto 1Gb SD cards and is pretty simple to use, splash proof etc.
    it is only 15 FPS (frames per second) so in really poor light or very bumpy ground the picture is a little poor! That said you get what you pay for and if like me you just get something in your head that you have to have something to try it then these are cheap enough to try with the mega costs of the Camcorder options, I purchased mine in America from Ritz Camera and it was half the price of in the UK! over here I believe they are around the 100 mark.

    Check out and follow the Gallery section/Videos for a couple of videos that I have put on the site to view (New section of Coed y Brenin and Cli-machx section) using the ATC 1000 mounted to my top tube, its a little bumpy at times.

    Hope this helps


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