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Thread: upside down storage

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    Lightbulb upside down storage

    I have always stored my full sus xc bike upside down in the garage, to make use if space in hangs by the rims on hooks in the rafters. Talking to a fellow rider the other day he claims says that this is bad for both brakes and suspension although i have never noticed any issues?

    what are the thoughts on this?

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    I have herd that storing a bike upside down is bad for some forks (not that iv ever had any problems) but not brakes...
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    I believe that your bike should always spend some time upside down to ensure that the fork seals get some oil. Mine gets it when washing it, before loading/unloading to/from the car when I remove/replace front wheel and pedals. I have no knowledge about the effect of storage for extended periods.

    It has also been known to go upside down while I'm riding it!

    Don't know about the brakes, although I expect that any air in the system would move.
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    yes best for fox I often put mine upside down before a ride, as for the brakes if you have any air in them it will travel to the calipers and could be a bit spongy for a while
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    All my bikes are stored vertically on a frame, suspended by the front wheel. You certainly notice the difference as the seals are all nicely lubed. No air in the brakes = no problems

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    I could be wrong but I think only open bath type forks (Fox, RS, some 'zocchi) benefit from being upside down so the oil flows to and lubricates the upper bushes and wets the foam rings. (in fact I'm fairly sure one of the manufacturers recommends you do this?)

    I can see there being a problem with brakes if there was air in the system and bubbles migrating to the caliper. But then if there's air in the system they're going to be pants anyway!

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    Im in the upside down camp too.
    Incidently I once cured some very spongy avid juicy 5 brakes by storing the bike upside down with the brake lever 'pressed' fully in with a cable tie around it and the handlebar grip.
    Agree with all the reasons above and I've seen countless worn stanchions from dry seals and upper bushes

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    I read somewhere recently that if you do store your bike upside down then you should pump your forks a few times before using them. I'm sure it was on the rockshox site. I'll try and find it again.

    As for brakes......wont make any difference whatsoever. There shouldn't be air in them to start with.

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