Okay, so I got the RS Reverb for my birthday. Very pleased with it, however the LBS 'sensibly' (NOT) put grease on it even though the manual says NO grease. Anyway, the post dropped (during riding) as in it's main position - I know it's designed to drop! So I have tightened and stayed inside 6NM torque. I also took the grease off!! Grrrrr...Too tight and the seat post won't work, if not tight enough then it will slip down. I have tried friction paste but it slipped v slightly yesterday but was better.

I took it back to the LBS and they have reapplied some friction paste and set it up to the correct torque. BUT they say that a creak I have is caused by post and frame not quite matching up absolutely exactly. This all sounds very odd, can it be right? Surely the 30.9 reverb seat post for the price will fit my aluminium frame properly. There is some movement isn't there due to the fact that the post is essentially two tubes.

...any experts out there...any ideas about what I can do? Apart from sell my dropper post

Can't stand creaks, can't stand em!!