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Thread: What a beuatiful day out there

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    What a beuatiful day out there

    Minus 7 when I got up this morning, minus 4 when I left for my ride and plus one by the time I got home, sun was out all the time lovely clear blue sky with a gentle but freezing breeze keeping it cool. The sun made for some interesting riding condition, in the sun it was muddy and slushi and in the shade it was rock hard and frozen. Managed to stay upright for the entire ride despite a near over the bar moment when the front end slipped into the stream
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    Got in appx an hour ago, been out since 09:30hrs with all four boys and D', it's about the same conditions here Xendi, I overheated slightly drifting up and down the line of boys checking bikes over, feels like I did twice the distance. Great morning though a little chilly to start with. All home safely and no mishaps.

    Looks like the forecast is for more snow here tomorrow. I'm going out on my own I think.
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    Same conditions here. Just got back from riding the ridgeway up towards Caerphilly. Still some virgin snow in places too Suprisingly not as cold as the gauge made you believe, but then again there was no wind and god sun. Did have one lucky escape on black ice halfway round a fast blind corner, made it round by pure luck

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    Working all day, I did sell a bike however (other thread) but when I went in at 8:30ish the thermostat read -8ish!
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