We’re not sure how many times we’ll be able to say this again in future but … there’s a new bike with 26 inch wheels.

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This is Transition’s new100mm full suspension bike – the Triple. Ok, so you may have guessed from the handlebars and tyres that it’s in-fact designed for dirt jump and park use more than long days on the trail, but its nice to see Transition sticking to its roots.

However, Transition says: “You don’t have to wear skinny jeans and flip whip like an FMB pro to have fun on this bike”. After all, its predecessor, the Bottlerocket, was no stranger to mini-downhill races and the video shows it being used at the unopened FlyUp 417 bike park too.

The Transition claims the Triple has a very progressive leverage rate curve so you can make the most of its 100mm of travel and gain maximum “boost-ability”. There are also adjustable dropouts and the option to run it singlespeed without a tension adjuster.

The Transition Triple is available in one size only and comes with a 100mm Pike Fork, a monarch rear shock and SRAM brakes. A full build bike will set you back $2,599 (£2,014) or you can pick up a frame only for $1499 (£1160). The bike is available in green or red.

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