After three days of hiker dodging, cave riding and storm chasing, we decided it was time to spend day four a bit more sedately at the quaint Vogel bike park.

Although Vogel is only small at the moment (with only one trail), it is looking to expand and has plans for new trails in the near future. The bike park trail has loads of fun berms and drops to keep you interested as well.

In the afternoon we took a chairlift 1,000m up to ride some trails that have were built during World War One (although presumably not for mountain bikes!)

Once into the forest proper, the trail turns into a wide switchback track where the rough ground takes total concentration to ride fast. And it is fast! Trees flash past in an ever-increasing blur as we hang off the back of our bikes and aim anywhere but towards trunks.

It’s a different style from anything we’ve ridden so far, but it’s no less fun. The trail ends and we stop at a cafe where we gulp down a local grapefruit beer, before catching a train underneath the ridge back to the start.

Four days and four totally different riding experiences. At each spot the locals said they could show us so much more if only we were here for longer. Next time we will be.