We’ve all got that one riding buddy who turns up to the trails with their bike still caked in last ride’s mud and kit smelling like it recently housed a dead cat. However, if you plan on taking them to Scotland you may have to get them to clean up their act first.

Forestry Commission Scotland has just launched its Keep it Clean campaign that encourages mountain bikers to clean their kit before using its forests to preserve the health of the trees. Dirty kit can bring in pests and diseases that can be harmful to a forest.

Dr Aileen McLeod, the Environment Minister of the Scottish Parliament, said: “This is a very simple idea that could have a very big impact on tree health.

“Our forests are a vital environmental, economic, social and cultural resource and we should all willingly play our part in doing what we can to protect them. Keeping it clean is a fundamental message that we should all support – the people who visit and work in woodlands are key to protecting our trees.”

Cleaning your bike is not great for the environment but it ensures that it will be running smoothly for years to come. If dust or mud gets in the wrong places it can wear out expensive parts and leave you with a hefty bill. Thankfully we’ve got a video showing you the best way to wash your bike here.