Whistler bike park opens up it trails this week. We thought we’d celebrate the occasion with a special rundown and video of the best trails in Whistler.

A Line

You actually can’t not do A-Line. Arguably the most famous trail in the mountain bike world. A rollercoaster of berms and jumps. There’s some serious airtime to be had on A Line. Recently revamped to include a huge booter near the end.

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Dirt Merchant

Another berm and jump fest in a similar vein to A Line but some folk would say is even better due to the variation of features and alternative line options. New start has some big step-ups and step-downs but the creek gap finale is all present and correct.

Top of the World

Leave the treeline and jumps behind and head up to the mountain tops for a real alpine singletrack experience. Limited numbers of rider runs (150) available per day so get in line early. It’s worth getting up early for.

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You might recognise this track from the famous Whip Off Worlds where Crabapple’s motocross-size tabletops are used by riders to show off their most outrageous whips.  It’s wide and groomed but the sheer speed (35+mph) is unreal.


After all that massive air time here’s something much more wheels on the ground. Not that that means it’s easy – far from it! Super steep in places. Plenty of hold-yer-breath plunges down gnarly chutes. Slipper when dusty. Lethal when damp.

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Freight Train

A ridiculously long jump trail – it’s over three miles long! And once you’ve done this it’s easy to link straight on to A-Line or Dirt Merchant for even more airtime insanity. Freight Trian gets its name from the step-on step-off shipping containers part way down the track.


Named after one of the Godfather’s of Canadian freeride – Richie Schley. A signature mix of natural gnarl and manmade features. Variety is the key ingredient here. Features one of the most jagged slabs of exposed rock in the whole of Whistler.

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B Line

A good choice for your first Whistler trail experience. As the name implies it’s sort of a scaled down version of A-Line. More mellow in gradient and amplitude of jumps. Well groomed and approachable. Get your eye in on this before taking things up a level.

Crank It Up

A good target to aim for once you’ve become comfortable on some of Whistler’s other tracks. Crank It Up is like a smaller version of Dirt Merchant and A-Line but increases the thrill factor with drops, step-ups and even wallrides of increasingly size.