If it all gets too much, sometimes there’s nothing better than having a mess about on a bike, not bothering about going fast, just having fun – something the Strava generation seems to forget. Fabien Cousine clearly subscribes to this philosophy as you can see in this dust showered edit.

Being a racer for a top enduro team must be tiring. All that time spent memorising courses, doing cardio work outs and travelling all over the world is sure to take its mental and physical toll so it must be refreshing for him to just let rip on a wide open, flowing, bike park course.

That being said, Cousine displays some serious skills here. We particularly liked his manual-no hander-manual combo that must take some ridiculous balance to pull off. You should also check out his creative cornering lines, it just goes to show what you can achieve if you really commit to a turn.

As well as racing for the Hutchinson UR team, Cousine is also its owner – He had better hope his team isn’t taking too many notes on his riding style or they won’t be winning much anytime soon!