Night riding is known for being terrifying. Sight is one of the most important senses on the bike so with your vision restricted to a small halo on the floor in front of you it’s almost as if you’ve lost a limb.

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This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Chain Reaction Cycles PayPal rider Elliott Heap as he smashes down his local trails in the dead of night. He hits some of these sections faster than we ever could in the day and barely seems fazed by the time he reaches the bottom.

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Elliott is using an Exposure Six Pack and Exposure Equinox for his lights and they do seem to be powerful enough to illuminate a good portion of the trail in front of him.  Elliott still shows massive commitment to hit it as hard as he does though, especially as he only has a camera on his bars and not on his helmet.

Considering Heap is not yet 18 we reckon this is a pretty impressive video. Would you fancy charging that hard at night? Let us know in the comments below