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Short but sweet is probably the best way to describe the Bilbao urban downhill race. The course was only 600 metres long, and the riders completed it in under a minute, but it was intense and provided more than enough thrills.

This is the race run of Filip Polc who came down second fastest through the northern Spanish town with a time of 52.34, just under half a second back from the winner, Johannes Fischbach.

The run starts up high on some scaffolding and goes through a series of man-made step ups and step downs. There are then some flat corners before a long stair set down to the finish. Look out for Polc hucking the final drop into the finish area to flat.

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This round may not have the intensity of its shanty-town siblings in South America but it’s always great to see mountain biking reaching new people, no matter what form it’s in – and at least it wasn’t invaded by neo-nazis as the Bratislava round was earlier in the year.

Polc leads the City Downhill standings with just the infamous Taxco round still to come in Mexico at the end of October.