As two time World Champion, Red Bull Rampage competitor and rider of the infamous Quarry Line, Gee Atherton is one of the best bike riders in the world. He has taken on two-wheel challenges aplenty and has generally come out on top.

That is, until now.

On this full run of the Red Bull Hardline course on his World Championships bike, Gee doesn’t hit the Renegade step up, he doesn’t even stop to look at it. Dan Atherton described the step up as one of the “biggest jumps” the Athertons have ever hit, so it’s no wonder he is a bit put off, especially considering it comes half way through one of the hardest downhill courses in the world.

Gee sounds like he is struggling the whole way down as he grunts with the effort of tackling certain obstacles. He confirmed on Instagram last night that he is still to hit some of the harder lines on the course.

Gee Atherton hardline instagra,

“Chilling after first day of Red Bull Hardline, everyone survived and there’s some happy faces, nervous but happy. Still some lines to hit tho”

Unfortunately Dan Atherton will not be riding the Hardline this year as he injured his shoulder while guinea pigging the course. It’s such a shame the master builder won’t be able to race on the track he put so much hard work into.