Yeti have won two out of the three past Enduro World Series men’s titles. They’re almost certainly going to win a third this year too. Here’s a interesting video about Yeti Racing’s successful move from Downhill into Enduro.

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Richie Rude just has to stay on his bike for the duration of the final round of the 2017 Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure and he will win the overall title once more.

The success of the EWS and the dominance of Yeti seem so established that it’s easy to forget that Enduro is still only a baby when it comes to the history of racing mountain bikes.

It’s also easy to forget that EWS Champ Jared Graves was a 4X star and Richie Rude was Junior Downhill World Champion. This video is a great reminder that there is clearly a time in the timelines of MTB; ‘Before Enduro’ and ‘After Enduro’.

This video finishes with a bit of a spotlight on Cody Kelley. Kelley has not set the Enduro world alight in 2016 but there is tons of potential there. It’s not like Yeti to pick a duff one after all is it?

Yeti know a thing about history. With names like Tomac, Giove, Rockwell and Graves on their CV, Yeti have an unparalleled prestige when it comes to competitive mountain biking.