Accepts up to 2.8in tyres

Yeti have released a Plus tyre version of their SB5 trail bike. They’ve found room for Plus rubber by moving to Boost hubs and an elevated chain stay design.

The rest of the SB5+ is pretty similar to the regular SB5. The main difference being that the SB5+ is a smidge steeper angled geometry with a 67.1° head angle and 74.1° seat angle (the regular SB5 is 66.5°/73.7°).

Watch: What is Boost?

Yeti SB5+


Yeti SB5+ geometry

The rear travel may still be stated in inches – 5inches to be precise – but the suspension is delivered by a metric shock (another change for 2017 Yetis). This is paired with a 150mm fork up front.

Some other numbers: the reach on a Large is a healthy 448mm, the effective chain stay length is 437mm and the BB height is lowish 331mm.

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Detail of the Switch Infinity system

The rear suspension is still Yeti’s Switch Infinity design with it’s ‘translating pivot’ – which results in a floating pivot point that changes location at key stages in the suspension travel. It’s been tweaked a bit for 2017 and is claimed to offer improved anti-squat and a more progressive end stroke.

Fancy carbon or regular carbon

For 2017 you’ll start to see carbon Yeti models being offered in two grades of carbon. There’ll be standard Carbon models and there’ll also be TURQ high modulus fancypants carbon models.

The TURQ stuff will be more expensive, lighter (between 250-400g lighter) but just as stiff as the standard Carbon. If this sounds familiar, this is pretty much how Santa Cruz do things with their C and CC versions of their carbon bikes.

Yeti SB5+ TURQ

Yeti SB5+ TURQ


Chris Conroy, Yeti Cycles’ CEO: “We split the line to give more choices to Yeti riders. Carbon technology is constantly improving on the higher-end and those advances are trickling down to allow us to offer better price points.”

The claimed weights for the SB5+ TURQ frame is 5.67lbs. With complete builds ranging from 27.2lbs up to 29lbs.

The Yeti SB5+ will start to appear in Yeti dealers sometime around October/November. We have no confirmed UK pricing yet. We’ll update this page when we get the info.

New Yeti SB5 and Yeti SB5 Beti



2017 Yeti SB5

In other Yeti news the regular SB5 has been tweaked a bit for 2017. Lower standover, internal cable routing and those “improved kinematics” on the Switch Infinity suspension design.

2017 Yeti SB5 Beti

2017 Yeti SB5 Beti

The women’s specific Yeti SB5 Beti gets the same makeover and retains its women specific contact points (saddle, bars, grips, cranks even) and women specific suspension tunes.