New fillum from Giro sees an enduro pretty boy get lead astray by some right ol’ freeriding ne’er-do-wells.

To be fair, it looks Cody Kelley had a spiffing time at the hands of Kurt Sorge and Graham ‘Aggy’ Agassiz.

It’s all very tongue-in-cheek but still, it sets us up nicely for the ensuing Red Bull Rampage fest that is about to swamp The Internet.

Best bits

  • Quite, quite amazing scenery at 1m 10s
  • Cody’s beautiful meadowland manual at 2m 07s
  • “After you mate” – the rather uninviting entry point at 3m 15s


Here’s how Giro’s marketing department have explained the film (which is called ‘Raindrops On The Moon’ by the way)…

“Cody, the young and up-and-coming EWS racer, goes on a BC road trip with these legendary freeriders to ride some classic BC chutes as well as some singletrack in and around Williams Lake.

“Some of the trip went as planned. Cody was shredding the chutes and jumps right there with Aggy and Sorge but there was some unexpected moments too: Tons of rain, Aggy broke his hand and Cody was partying as hard (or maybe even harder) than the rest of the group.

“What makes an experience memorable? Good or bad, it’s the out-of-the-ordinary moments that stay burned in our minds for the rest of our lives. Cody Kelley has had an unreal season so far, with breakout race results alongside his EWS teammate Richie Rude. But perhaps the most thrilling and memorable moment of Cody’s career so far wasn’t on a racecourse at all – it was following Red Bull Rampage 2015 Champion Kurt Sorge down an impossibly steep chute in a landscape as foreign as the moon.

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“Ride along with Cody, Sorge and Graham Agassiz through the highs and lows of this epic road trip in and around Williams Lake, British Columbia.”