Gran Canaria is best known as a budget airline destination for a low-cost family holiday or Stag/Hen Do destination.

It’s then next best known in cycling circles as a great place to ride a road bike. Smooth, quiet roads and lots of masochistic massive climbs to be ‘enjoyed’.

But not enough people know that it’s also a great place to ride a mountain bike. We’re not just talking about mountain bike trials riding as featured in Danny MacAskill’s Cascadia vid, but real mountain biking on some real mountains.

The video above and the one below are beautifully shot and full of impressive mountainous vistas and fun looking tracks and trails. Starting off up in the high country with some cacti for company all the way down to the coast with its high-rise tourist-tastic developments.

These videos featuring Canary Islands resident Jordi Bago will very possibly get you searching Easjyet for a cheap winter flight.