There’s the old mantra in mountain biking that if you aren’t crashing you aren’t trying hard enough. If that’s the case then Fabio Wibmer must be making the rest of us look as lazy as Homer Simpson on a bank holiday, as this brutal crash reel shows all his biggest spills from 2015.

We counted 55 in total but no doubt there’s more that weren’t filmed or included.

The worst one definitely comes from his GoPro of the World entry at  that saw him trying to escape from the ‘police’ using the rooftops of his hometown. He was attempting to jump off a first floor balcony onto the roof of a car but misjudged it and instead slammed into the driveway. He seems to walk away from the incident unhurt, but we’re not sure how, it looked lethal.

This video, combined with the behind the scenes footage of Danny MacAskill’s recent Cascadia does prove one thing though, if you want to be one of the best in the world you have to face your fears, even if that means potentially hurting yourself badly in the process.

As well as winning the GoPro of the World Contest Fabio is now also a full time member of the Drop and Roll team, you can catch him on tour around the UK in 2016.