Considering most helmet camera footage is shaky and unimaginative, this could well be one of the most original GoPro videos we’ve seen in a long time.

The French trials riders like to do things a bit differently, you only have to look at Aurelien Fontenoy’s  farmyard trials videos for proof of that, and thankfully this edit from Fabio Wibmer is no exception.

It starts with him backflipping from a swing on to his trials bike. He then runs away from the police, evades them over the rooftops of Alpine chalets, and jumps from a balcony on to a car. Wibmer soon switches to his downhill bike and, after a nasty crash, escapes in the back of a van. He even adds a Claudio Caluori style commentary to the whole thing.

To pack all of this into a two and a half minute video is very impressive and shows of Wibmer’s skills as both a rider and a producer. We know there are a few crashes and mistakes, which we’re sure can’t be deliberate, but if anything that just adds to the entertainment in his thrilling escape.

The video was Wibmer’s entry into the GoPro of the World competition that sees entrants submitting videos for the chance to win a $20,000 grand prize. We think it’s going to take something pretty special to beat this.