We’re often blown away by the clever camera use in mountain bike videos (check out this one using Lego for example) but this one really is top quality.

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The concept of the video is the birth of a bike from being a frame and a collection of components to a trail-shredding machine. Using super-close-up and tilt-shift lenses there are some really cool shots in this and you really get a feeling of a bike coming together organically.

For us though, this video is made by the sound, from the slurp of freshly applied grease, to bolts sliding down spindles and cable ties being zipped, the whole video evoked memories of hours in the workshop fettling on our prides and joys.

The video ends with the bike in its natural environment and ready to shred and it looks absolutely stunning. So what did you think of this video? Would you rather watch this than another Canadian ‘shredit’? Let us know in the comments below