It’s not often that we watch something totaly out of the blue in the world of mountain biking videos but this one really does deserve to be filed in the “a bit different” drawer.

Gavin Stannett, an Australian film maker and mountain biker has createdThe Village Bicycle – a stop motion love story about his bikes and we think it’s brilliant.

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The film starts with his Stanton Slackline Ti hardtail building itself with the help of an orangutan but it takes a dark turn for the worst when a seductive road bike comes to town. Will the film’s protagonist find out about his mountain bike’s dirty secret? This short video is truly an emotional rollercoaster with more ups and downs than a set of whoops.

We love it when people try to put that little bit of extra effort in and we think that the full nine minutes of this is worth a watch (well at least the first seven and a half, you can skip the credits).

What do you think of this? do you like it? Would you like to see more stuff like this or are you happy just to watch the world’s best riders shralping hard?