With steep stairs, crazy crowds and drops that almost certainly haven’t been risk assessed, we’ve always watched urban downhill races and wondered: “What happens if it all goes wrong?”

Well, unfortunately Mick Hannah can provide the answer.

Last weekend the Valparaiso downhill race kicked off the City Downhill World Tour in style and provided its usual mix of high speeds and insane risks. It looks like the race may have become a bit more health and safety conscious this year, with barriers put in place to keep the crowd at bay, but that didn’t stop Mick Hannah from taking this tumble.

You can see a reverse angle of it here taken from the UR Team Facebook page. The helmet camera really fails to show just how far Mick actually falls.


It looks to us like Mick gets a bit bucked while jumping off a set of stairs and then clips his handlebars on a fence. Thankfully he seems to be ok and continues on with his race run afterwards.

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Official results are yet to be beamed over from the race but we know Hannah ended up finishing 18th, nearly 30 seconds down on the eventual winner Johannes Fischbach, not bad considering this crash.