You can never watch too much Danny MacAskill. This interview with the YouTube legend is full of great quotes and interesting insights into the how and why.

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This video is well worth watching not only if you’re a mountain biker but also if you’re a budding filmmaker or vlogger in any scene trying to find your way in the world.

Danny: “I got into trials riding when I was about 11 years old. Grew up on the Isle Of Skye. There wasn’t really much else to do there apart from ride my bike. So I’d do that every day. Eventually my mountain bike turned into a trials bike as parts snapped off.”

Danny’s Dad: “Did that hurt?”
Danny: “No… I’m rubbish”
Danny’s Dad: “You’re not rubbish”

And in one of the most interesting sections, Danny reveals how he spends his travelling time (and he travels A LOT) drawing storyboard ideas for future videos or simply one-off tricks to have a go at next time he has an opportunity.

Video description

Gillette World Sport: “Danny MacAskill’s career took off after his Inspired Bicycles film went viral back in 2009. Since then he has conquered the trials world, producing and filming some of the most imaginative, and creative cycling films ever. We sat down with Danny to discuss his beginnings and how the films are made, from start to finish.”