Have you ever endured an amazingly tough ride but found you can’t quite express just how difficult it was using a flat map? Well maybe a Nicetrails trophy is what you need.

A Nicetrails trophy takes a 3-D render of your ride then makes a model of your route for you to display with pride. To make one you simply upload a .GPX file of your route to Nicetrails (if you have Strava, you will need to get a premium account to do this), you then set how high you want the terrain to be and order it. The trophy is made from 3-D printed sandstone and will be shipped to your home within two weeks.

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We think that this would be quite a cool little memento to have of a ride that you’re particularly fond of, although we wish there wasn’t such a garish orange line on it.

There are three sizes of trophy available: a 50mm long trophy is €49 (£38), a 100mm long trophy is  €99 (£76) and a 150mm long trophy is €149 (£115).

Nicetrails is currently holding a competition for you to win a free trophy if you upload a .gpx file here (we have plenty of files here), or you can have a play with one of its demo files here.