We’ve managed to find someone who #lovesbackwheel, more than Josh Bryceland, is better at getting air than most riders and shows some next level commitment to Strava, all whilst riding a cross bike.

This video from Kali protectives shows a road rider-come-mountain-bike-extraordinaire chasing after a lost KoM.

Don’t worry, the road riding doesn’t last long before things start kicking off with a nose manual around a switchback into some dry, high speed trails.

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In a video that includes some decent drifts and big jumps our favourite feature is by far and away the lengthy amount of time spent on the rear wheel; especially considering it is a cross bike.

It’s very similar to Yoann Barelli’s mountain biking on a road bike and his exceptional riding of A-line in whistler on his cross bike. The ability to do these skills on skinny wheels and dropped bars is something to marvel at.

We’d love to find out just how many flats they suffered in the making of this edit and we’re willing to reckon that most cross riders in the country would love to race in that weather and on those fast, bone dry trails.