It’s no secret that Nino Schurter is one very fit cyclist. After all, you don’t become World Cup Champion and World Champion in the same year without putting out peak performance. But how has he honed his body to perfect physical condition? The answer is in this video.

The video shows a sample workout for Schurter, which attempts to simulate the huge physical toll a cross country race can take on the body. It may seem strange to see a cross country rider not exclusively doing cycling exercises, but having greater muscular power means you can control your bike easily, crash more safely and still have energy left over for a spurt of speed to get up a climb.

The workout may only last half an hour with nine exercises but you can see how hard Schurter is pushing himself. Even the so-called recovery periods see him doing co-ordination exercises on an exercise ball.

If he is pushing himself this hard everyday it’s easy to see how he is one of the fittest men in the sport, and you can be sure he doesn’t finish his ride with a cup of tea and flapjack!

To see if Nino’s work has paid off you can tune in to the cross country World Cup races that start on April 23 at Cairns.