Watch and wince as a pair of brave/foolhardy guys attempt to take bargain basement Walmart ‘mountain bikes’ on a full-on mountain downhill.

Yep, Seth’s Bike Hacks are back again. If this video seems familiar then you may have seen Seth’s (real name Phil Kmetz) previous attempt at piloting a £130 supermarket bike down a DH track.

This video is pretty similar in concept but is just that little bit more crazy! More descending, even lower quality bikes, and there’s two of them having a crack at it.

Video description

Seth’s Bike Hacks: “Welcome to Pisgah Forest, home to a huge array of remote and challenging mountain bike trails. To get anywhere here, you need to climb a few thousand feet. To get out alive your bike needs to hold up to roots, sharp rocks, and sustained braking. There’s no cell phone reception out here, and the trails are far too narrow for emergency vehicles. When your very life depends on your equipment, what value would you place on reliability?

“We set out with our new bikes in tow, and kept two main goals in mind; Make it down the trail in one piece, and finish it off with Mexican food.

“What started as a ride quickly devolved into a grueling hike. It wasn’t the gearing, or even the weight—we just tried and couldn’t. The tires had no traction, and the bikes flexed like crazy under any kind of torque. Once the grade evened out we had a much easier time, and started to clear some serious ground. We were enjoying nature, and It wasn’t long before we reached our first downhill.

“As I edit this video, my hands, arms, shoulders, and torso still hurt from this ride. On my trail bike, the brakes can be applied with one finger. On the Genesis, braking is a full body workout that leaves you in pain for days.”