SRAM has long been at the forefront of 1x technology and today has stuck a pretty significant flag in the ground by declaring the death of the front derailleur.

It’s pretty easy to see from this video that SRAM plans on only producing 1x drivetrains starting in 2017. Is this a big statement or just the way the industry is headed?

We are big fans of 1x systems. They declutter your bar, they reduce chain noise and they cut weight by getting rid of unnecessary hardware.

The only problem you can expect to experience with them is a lack of gear range for those really tough climbs. If SRAM is going to be bold enough to declare the front derailleur dead though, maybe there’s something else it’s doing to combat this…

What do you think though. Is the front derailleur truly dead or is there life in a 2x or even 3x system yet? Let us know in the comments below.