Not content with infesting the World Cup Downhill scene, it looks like 29ers now have their sights on stunts from the Nitro Mega Ramp circus scene.

In this excellently amusing spoof video from big ramp BMX videographer Barry Nobles, we see old skool legend Robbie Miranda putting in an Oscar-worthy performance as an on-bike security guard.

At first the ‘rent-a-cop’ is shown giving some grief to the Nitro Mega Ramp boys before taking a minute to show off his sweet patrol bike, complete with mahoosive saddlepack, ‘comfort’ saddle, triple chainset, bar ends not to mention a head-angle and stem length that would have most people crashing just riding off a kerb.

Sweet ride maan.

Then Miranda takes to the slope himself Рafter struggling to fit his 29er bike up the staircase  Рand shows the young tykes what he can do.

Video description

Barry Nobles: “BMX Legend Robbie Miranda (now Sheriff Deputy) brings back some old memories and sends the Nitro Mega ramp on his police bike (off duty). This video is not endorsed, sponsored, or presented by any law enforcement agency.”