A bike shop’s #buyonlinefitlocal marketing campaign has people talking about the realities of mixing internet retail with bike shop workshop jobs.

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MBW bike shop over in Ireland has caused a bit of a stir recently with its #buyonlinefitlocal marketing campaign. This video above has gone a bit viral as they say with plenty of bike shop owners chipping in with their 2 pences.

Elsewhere in their promotional material MBW state: “With our new buy online fit local campaign you can take advantage of the best deals from online retailers and get your parts fitted, or your new bike assembled professionally and locally. Giving you that peace of mind that your bike is running smoothly and safely.”

The reaction from bike shop owners and employees has been split, although it generally appears that most are prepared to accept the workshop jobs and fit parts that the customer has purchased online.

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A commenter on BikeBiz says: “Money is money, if the customer has money to spend then we will take it. i agree the race to the bottom is a one way trip for many, but why push away a potentially highly profitable job just because the customer has done what we all will do – find the best deal!”

Another commenter posts: “Unless it’s a part I cannot source then I do not fit parts purchased online. I fit parts from the official distributors and charge r.r.p. If it’s a groupset then there may be some room for discount, however, I use the argument that if there’s a problem with the part then, as I supplied it, and fitted it then I will sort it. It’s working for me so far in my fifth year of trading, loyal, returning customers.”

But we’re interested to know what you – the customer – think and do.

Do you get bits online and get your bike shop to fit them? Or are you a bit fearful of the reception you’d get in your LBS? Has your LBS’ anti-online attitude caused you to stop using them (and learn how to sort your bike out yourself)? Or have you stopped chasing online deals in preference for the service and high-street-supporting experience?

Video description

MBW Bike Shop: “Small shops can’t always compete with the discounts you’ll find online but even if you didn’t buy your new bike or parts from us we still want to make sure everything is fitted properly and safely. Check out our new #BuyOnlineFitLocal campaign.”