Like Frankie sang: when two tribes go to war, one is all that you can score. But which cyclist can do the other cyclist’s discipline the bestest?

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Let’s find out.

This video is to mark Madison’s 40th anniversary and features two Madison veteran racers – mountain biker Marc Beaumont and road racer Tobyn Horton – duking it out in Wales, first over a road climb challenge (which we *think* is Bwlch y Groes in Gwynedd), then with by an off-road challenge (at Revolution Bike Park).

We won’t go into any more details and spoil it but suffice to say it’s one of the better formats of the road-vs-mtb trope that we’ve seen so far. Beaumont properly buries himself on the road climb and Horton shows some impressive MTB handling skills.

Madison explain: “As part of our Madison 77 celebrations – celebrating 40 years of the brand – we got Marc Beaumont from Madison Saracen and Tobyn Horton from Madison Genesis and set them a couple of challenges to see who’s a better rider: a pro downhill mountain biker or a pro road cyclist. Filmed by Nico Turner, this video has taken a little while to complete, but we’re pretty pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Video description

Saracen: “Madison Saracen team rider Marc Beaumont takes on Madison Genesis team rider Tobyn Horton as they go head to head to answer the age old question – who’s faster, mountain bikers or road riders?”