We just came across this video in our Facebook message inbox. It’s not your usual user-submitted video of unedited headcam dirge – far from it. It’s properly Lakeland lush!

Why you should watch this vid

  • Get inspired to try it
  • Remind yourself of adventure
  • The excellent faceplant into a bog at 1m 36s
  • There’s nothing quite like Lakeland scenery

Barry Godin has done a fantastic job of recording just what it feels like to pull off a stupidly massive Lakeland epic route. Sorry it took us so long to get round to watching your vid Barry!

For those that don’t know, the Four Passes is an epic route in the Lakes that has been around for donkey’s years. Although it’s mileage (about 16 miles) doesn’t sound massive, it involves nearly 5,000ft of climbing (well, pushing anyway).

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Routes like it are having something of a resurgence now that bikes have got more capable and don’t have to weigh a ton anymore to be able to withstand the brutal descents.

A lot of old skool riders from back in the day will probably shudder to remember. Back then such riding was a miserable exercise in carrying your bike uphill and then mostly carrying your bike down the other side.

Hallelujah for the modern mountain bike and its ability to take you places and experience some of the wildest parts of the Great British outdoors.