A stunning drone-tastic video from Hope Technology set in a particularly amazing looking part of the Lakes.

If you’ve never set off at Silly O’clock in the morning to basically carry your bike to the top of a mountain in the Lake District then you’re missing out on one of the essential experiences of British biking.


Why 5am? There are a few reasons for setting off so early.

Maybe you’re heading on to a mountain that gets too busy with hikers during the main hours of the day.

Maybe you’re attempting an optimistically massive route and need all the hours of daylight you can get.

Maybe you want to get a mini-epic ride in before you head off into work.


Maybe you just can’t get enough of watching the sun dawn all around you as you near the summit.

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This vid from Hope is nominally about promoting – and inspiring – female mountain bikers but every mountain biker should watch it to stoke up their big mountain wanderlust, regardless of gender.

Watch this and then get planning your Lake District visit.