There are many ways to start your day. For most of us it’s a bleary eyed commute in a car or on a train, or maybe chatting away on the school bus. But our resident photographer, Roo Fowler, likes to do things a little differently.

Here is a GoPro edit he’s put together of a Monday morning done right – up before the birds and out on your bike. The start of this video may leave you a little confused however as Roo takes a raw egg solution out on the trails in a water bottle with him, surely that can’t be for hydration?

Well all is revealed as Roo takes in the sunrise over Pitch Hill while chowing down on some hearty scrambled eggs and fresh brewed coffee. He tops off his impromptu breakfast with a spin down some of the Surrey Hills’ most famous trails (although we’re not sure how he didn’t end up with a stitch considering he’d just eaten).

Best of all, Roo is back at his desk and ready to start editing photos as the 9am chimes sound on Radio 4.

This video has an awesome feel to it and we just wish we had the motivation to emulate it every day!