White-knuckle video of Fabio Wibmer riding along the top of railing on top of a 200 metre high dam in Austria.

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The dam in question is the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria. It’s one of the highest dams in the whole of Europe. It certainly looks it too.

The ride in question is man-of-the-moment Fabio Wibmer.

Fabio Wibmer… Fabio Wibmer… Does that name sound familiar? It’s probably because Mr Wibmer has recently ‘gone viral’ on the socials with his previous video called “Out Of Mind” which features him riding down a downhill track on a knackered old granny shopper bike…

Anyway, back to this dam video.

Fabio is clearly not just a downhill demon. He’s also a very talented trials bike rider. It’s a trials bike that he’s riding in the vid. The tell-tale fully rigid fork and Magura brakes give it away. As does the freewheel noise, which sounds very  much like a compact singlespeed system.

There is a lot of freewheel noise bursts throughout the vid. It looks/sounds like Fabio does most of the riding via quarter pedal strokes/stabs. Which is understandable as it’s a good way of maintaining balance at slow speeds.

The other noises you can hear are Fabio’s rather heavy breathing and also a worrying amount of wind noise. Riding along a two inch wide railing top is bad enough without there being cross winds to deal with!

But then again, a 200m high dam in a mountain valey is always going to be a bit windy isn’t it? Kudos Fabio.

Best bit? Using the tourist information board as a start ramp is pretty cool. The moment the proper drop starts (29secs in) is also pretty special. The moment of wobbles at 1min 18secs is awful/ace. And what is he thinking about at 2min 25secs when he leans over that far?!

Does he make it all the way across? Watch the vid and find out.

Fabio’s description: “Dam(n) that was high! Balancing a bike on one of the highest dams in europe, the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria, which has a height of 200m. This is my entry for the ‘GoPro of the world contest’.”