Fabio Wibmer throws down some massive moves in his latest trials edit; expect front flips, nose manuals and more


For most people trials riding remains a complete enigma. Messing around and pulling stoppies and track stands in the car park at your local trails or when waiting for your mates proves how hard it can be. We cannot imagine having the levels of balance and bike handling skills to pull any of tricks the professionals lay down.

Fabio Wibmer takes this to the next level in ‘Osttirol Is My Playground’ where he lays down the gauntlet; showing off some of the best trials riding on the web. Pulling off moves we recognise from many of Danny MacAskill’s videos, Wibmer shows he can ride with the best of them. Something which he is currently doing as an amateur rider for Inspired Bicycles, the same company that sponsor MacAskill.

Improving bike handling skills is an easy thing to do and it will noticeable improve your skill on the trails so give it a bash on your daily commute or just in the car park when you are waiting for your mates.