Steve Peat once said: “I look out of the window and it’s a cold, wet, miserable English day and I just think about Greg Minnaar in South Africa, Sam Hill in Australia. They’ve got this nice weather, they’re out riding their bikes, sweating, getting hot and it’s a bit harder for us guys here in England… But that’s why we’re tougher than those boys.”

Well messing about in wet British woods seems to have worked wonders for Steve Peat’s career so it’s no surprise that downhill racer Emyr Davies is doing the same.

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This is him riding in one of his local tracks in north Wales, and it looks like a cracker. He describes the track as “slow, really wet, really really slippery, techy, awkward, you’re always trying to balance and pinging off rocks and stuff, brilliant training though, it scares you a lot to be honest.”

Clearly it’s working though as Emyr manages to make even this tight, steep course look smooth.

This is the first of a new web series called Wild Times of Emyr Davies and we hope the rest of the videos are as awesome as this one.