Diamondback and Mike Hopkins’ new ‘Dreamride 3’ video is full of amazing trails, stylish riding and lush visuals. And drones. Lots and lots of drones.

>>> These are the drones you’re looking for

And oh man, it is sooo good.

What’s so good about it? Er, everything! The concept, the camera work, the locations, the riding, the trails, the music, the tone… it’s pretty much perfect.

We don’t even mind the ‘philosophical’ voiceover. It kinda works. The visuals certainly merit such gravitas.

At nearly five minutes in length it’s practically Gone With The Wind in terms of the typical mountain bike video (not to mention the average viewer’s attention span). But we’re fairly certain you’ll watch this one through to the end. And that’s without fast-forward clicking of the play cursor too.

Every now and then a film comes along that resonates with you. A film that don’t want to end… and yet simultaneously you can’t wait for it to end, so that you can slap your lid on and go and ride your bike RIGHT NOW.

Bad news? This is apparently the last Dreamride film.

Good news? Catching up with ‘Dreamride I’ and ‘Dreamride II’ episodes, either for the first time or as a reminder why the Dreamride series is the best MTB film series of all time (well, in our opinion anyway).

Check ’em out…

Dreamride I

Dreamride II

Diamondback maybe not be a huge, prestige brand here in the UK – and the rider in this video won’t be known to hardly any of you watching – but this video should get more UK riders taking a cursory glance over the Diamondback range. At the very least, it should land the brand a lot more followers on Vimeo and other social media channels.

Video description

DiamondBack: ” Mike Hopkins’ epic journey comes to an end in the final chapter of the DreamRide trilogy.”