There are two pleasures to behold here, the first is Dan Atherton flowing like water down a brilliant looking jump line. The man can jump.

The second is the knowledge that you’ll probably be able to ride this line one day, because we reckon it’s in the new Dyfi Bike Park.

The word from Atherton Racing is that this footage is shot on something called the Lower Jump Line in the Dyfi Forest.

Nothing more, that’s it, just one tasty snippet of information about the UK’s most eagerly anticipated bike park.

The video comes from the Atherton Trail Diaries, a new for this year series about the racing family antics.

Here’s what the man says: “One of the reasons we started making the Atherton Diaries is because it gave us the freedom to film our normal lives, if we feel like including a riding section we can just grab whichever bike we feel like riding and go and have some fun, I hope that freedom comes across in this edit, working with Robbie (Meade) always seems pretty effortless, we know each other’s style so we can usually get shots first or second hit.”

So what do we reckon, is this the same piece of hill as this longer video shows?

We’re starting to wonder if the Dyfi Bike Park will ever actually open though! Last year Dan said: “The tracks that you see in this edit have been a ridiculous amount of work, but you only get out what you’ve put in. This project will never really be finished, there are two tracks featured in the edit but they are definitely a work in progress; we’ve been working on these trails for a year and stuff’s already great fun to ride but there’s loads more I want to do.”

Here’s hoping.