Trainspotting 2 is about to hit the cinemas and the hype machine is in overdrive – so here’s a bit of the 1997 mountain bike tribute flick ‘Chainspotting‘.

The video opens with a trio of familiar faces: Martin Hawyes, Wil Longden and Martyn Ashton re-enacting the famous opening scene of Trainspotting where Ewan McGregor pegs it around Edinburgh being chased by the cops after being caught shoplifting.

This authentically ropey looking VHS-to-YouTube transfer will have countless veteran bikers of a certain age getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic.

Here’s the excellently re-worked voiceover for your delectation…

“Choose life. Choose a job. Choose your commuter route. Your business suit. Your aftershave. Choose your pension plan. Choose your football team. Choose your hairstyle. Honestly, we would we bother with any of that? We chose not to choose. The reason? No reason. Who needs a reason when you have a mountain bike?”

Video description

“Discover the truth behind mountain biking addiction; hang out with the riders in the their own haunts; go beyond extreme action and off into a psychedelic soul ride.

“Follow Steve Peat, Rob Warner, Martyn Ashton, Wil Longden, Martin Hawyes and special guest Hans Rey, from the UK to Southern California, in search of mountain biking nirvana.

“Shot raw and live, in 16mm motion picture film with a soundtrack featuring Tribute to Nothing, Black Star Liner, Orbital, Death in Vegas, C.J.Bolland, Space Monkeys, Garbage, Freakpower and more…

“Riders: Andrew Titley, Andy Bear, Andy Pope, Hans Rey, Jammie Hibbard, Martin Hawyes, Martyn Ashton, Mike Hing, Paul Shollock, Rob Warner, Robin Kitchin, Steve Geall, Steve Kitchin, Steve Peat, Tim Ponting, Tom Edwards, Wil Longden.”