This is how Manon Carpenter started

Madison Saracen are bringing back a development team of promising young British downhillers.

The last time Madison Saracen did this in 2011 it resulted in the careers in the top flight of World Cup downhill racing for Manon Carpenter, Matt Simmonds and Matt Walker.

Aston Tutt, Harry Barrett, Riley Scott and James Elliott will form the new Madison Saracen Development Team, headed up by Jack Geoghegan as Team Manager.

The quartet aged from 14 to 19 years old, will train alongside the Madison Saracen Factory Team. They’ll also be racing alongside them at this year’s British Downhill Series.

The aim of the development team is to “progress riders from the highly competitive British scene onto the world cup podium”, according to a statement from Madison Saracen.

Name: Aston Tutt

Age: 19
Results: Junior British Downhill Series Champion, Junior British Downhill Champion

Name: Harry Barrett

Age: 15
Results: Juvenile British Downhill Series Champion, Juvenile British Downhill Champion

Name: James Elliott

Age: 14
Results: Juvenile British Downhill Series 2nd, Juvenile British Downhill Championships 2nd

Name: Riley Scott

Age: 16
Results: Youth British Downhill Championships 3rd, Youth Welsh Downhill Champion

A word from the manager

Jack Geoghegan, part of the original team six years ago (and since then has been a brand manager at Saracen HQ) will oversee the development team.

Jack says: “Having been a part of the original line-up back in 2011, I can’t wait to give something back. I can still remember how I felt when I lined up for those team photos way back!

“Having been involved in the development of the Saracen Myst – from racing the first generation, to helping to create the latest carbon model – it has been an exciting journey and one I can’t wait to continue.

“I’m convinced the four riders we have chosen will have a big role to play in the future of an already storied history of great British downhill racers and that’s a big motivation for both the Factory Team and myself.

“I’m confident that all four are in a great place to learn and push their limits, with everything provided to be their best – with the ultimate opportunity to step on to the world stage.”

Will Longden, Team Manager of Madison Saracen Factory Team: “I’m delighted to see a return of the Madison Saracen Development Team. We could see a hot bed of young talent emerging once again in the UK and Jack has seized the opportunity to help and support these great riders.

“We have had a huge success with our development team riders in the past and I see once again the potential for us to develop UK talent right through to joining the Madison Saracen Factory Team, competing internationally. Right now though I hope they are ready for a fun season of racing and riding together and I can’t wait to get on the hill and try to keep up with them!”