From Whale Tails to Boner Logs, mountain biking has some pretty innovative features, but this could be the most impressive we’ve seen yet – introducing The Curliest.

First opened in May 2013, The Curliest sits in the Smoky Mountains national park in Tennessee and is a wooden rollercoaster that spins you through a 540° curve – it makes us dizzy just thinking about it!

The Curliest 1

It’s part of the El Regis at the Climb Works trail centre near Gatlinberg which is primarily aimed at beginners, but more advanced riders can ride it higher up on the camber. The Curliest has clearly had a lot of work gone into it as it is suspended over a stream and is up to four metres tall at some points. Best of all, the trail is laid out so you can session it to your heart’s content. We’d love to have a ride for the novelty value if nothing else!

If you fancy a trip over then the trails are free to ride if you bring your own bike, or you can hire a bike there – although we’ve seen estimates that the trail is only a couple of miles long, so maybe don’t travel too far for it!

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